Lyubomyr Kuziv’s Heroic Efforts Illuminate Hope in Ukraine

Lyubomyr Kuziv' helped to raise for Ukraine Charity

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In the face of Ukraine’s darkest hour, the unwavering spirit and determination of the Ukrainian community shine brightly through the incredible fundraising efforts spearheaded by our dear friend, Lyubomyr Kuziv. With an astounding achievement of raising over £369,000 for our Ukraine Charity, Lyubomyr’s dedication to alleviating the suffering in Ukraine is nothing short of heroic.

The primary focus of this fundraising initiative is to procure essential medicines and medical equipment from reputable suppliers in the UK and Europe, with a particular emphasis on addressing immediate first aid needs. Working closely with the Embassy of Ukraine in the UK and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the team ensures a targeted and efficient response on the ground while collaborating seamlessly with other donors.

The raised funds have already made a tangible impact as 845 units of life-saving homeostatic gauze (Celox) were procured and delivered, amounting to an impressive £30,000. In addition, the team is in the final stages of securing 650 first aid kits, valued at EUR 81,900, and co-financing another 1,000 first aid kits for USD 52,000 in collaboration with British-Ukrainian Aid. The procurement and distribution processes are executed meticulously by Ukraine Charity, with the support of the Ukrainian Medical Association of the UK.

This inspiring initiative is not just a beacon of hope but is also part of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD) Community Initiative. As a testament to the significance of these efforts, the EBRD will contribute an additional EUR 150,000 to supplement the ongoing fundraising, further fortifying the impact of this noble cause.

Lyubomyr Kuziv’s unwavering commitment and the collective efforts of the Ukrainian community exemplify the strength that can emerge from solidarity in times of crisis. As the fundraising journey continues, we eagerly anticipate more updates on the positive transformations that these compassionate contributions will bring to the lives of those affected in Ukraine. Together, we stand united in the pursuit of healing and hope for a brighter tomorrow.