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Ukraine Charity cooperates with Ukraine Solidarity Project for a Tour of Ukrainian frontline doctors to Great Britain

Due to the relentless conflict and indisputable evidence of war crimes, Ukraine Charity is happy to support the Ukraine Solidarity Project for the “UK TOUR OF UKRAINIAN FRONTLINE MEDICS”. This initiative aims to bring the voices and experiences of brave Ukrainian frontline doctors and medics to the forefront of British consciousness.

For almost a decade, Ukraine endured the horrors of war, and Russian aggression left behind a trail of destruction and despair. Now is the time for these brave people to share their accounts directly with politicians and the British public.

Covering five cities across the UK, the tour will provide a platform for these frontline heroes to share their first-hand experiences. From the devastation caused by Russian firepower and the experience of captivity to the tragic loss of colleagues, their stories will highlight the urgent need for action against Russia’s military aggression and disregard for international law.

The medics will be accompanied by material evidence of war crimes: a destroyed ambulance, hit by a Russian bomb, provided by our partner, LUkraine, documents about colleagues killed by Russian weapons, and other physical reminders of the atrocities committed against Ukraine. By witnessing these harsh realities, we hope to galvanize public support for decisive action to disarm Putin’s Russia and end the cycle of violence.

The tour itinerary includes stops in London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester and Cardiff, culminating in an electrifying performance in London’s Parliament Square. Public events will allow medics to share the challenges they face, and the risks they take and honour their fallen comrades.

When medics arrive in Britain, they bring not only evidence of war crimes but also a burning hope for tangible action. In the past 24 months alone, more than 170 medics have been killed, and more than 1,208 attacks have targeted medical centres, hospitals or ambulances. The UK government must commit to ending the supply of arms to Russia, saving those on the front lines of the conflict.

During the UK TOUR OF UKRAINIAN FRONTLINE MEDICS Ukraine, Charity will collect donations for the Ukraine Is Calling project to purchase 112 rescue vehicles.

When: Wednesday, February 14, 2024 – Saturday, February 24, 2024
Where: London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff
Doctors: Yuliia ‘Taira’ Paievska
Iryna ‘Lucky’ Knyzhnyk
Brandon Mitchell
MOAS Ukraine

Join us in supporting Ukrainian doctors and medics embarking on this critical journey. Together we can make a difference.


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