Ukraine is Calling

Ukraine Charity Joins LUkraine’s Global Initiative: ‘Ukraine is Calling’

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Ukraine Charity is proud to announce its participation in the international initiative led by Luxembourg-based nonprofit organisation LUkraine – “Ukraine is Calling”. This far-reaching campaign, dedicated to the acquisition of 112 rescue vehicles, aims to address the critical shortage of emergency response vehicles in Ukraine caused by the widespread destruction of more than 1700 fire trucks and 500 ambulances during the ongoing war.

In recognition of its impactful mission, the “Ukraine is Calling” project was honoured with the European Citizen Prize 2023 by the European Parliament in 2023.

The collaboration between Ukraine Charity and LUkraine was highlighted at The Emergency Services Show in the UK on September 19-20. LUkraine, alongside exclusive UK partner Ukraine Charity, had the opportunity to showcase the “Ukraine is Calling” project and explore collaboration prospects with potential donors. President Nicolas Zharov, along with Oliver North (Deputy CEO of Venari Group UK) and Vasyl Snitsar (Deputy Director of the Emergency Responses Department at Emergency State Services of Ukraine), engaged in a panel discussion titled ‘Emergency Services in War Zones: Preparedness, Lessons, and Challenges.’ The exhibition also featured a damaged ambulance, a poignant symbol of the destruction caused by Russian military actions. This ambulance has travelled Europe, including the UK, to raise awareness about the war and its impact.

The urgency of the “Ukraine is Calling” initiative cannot be overstated, as it strives to bridge the widening gap in Ukraine’s emergency response capabilities. Ukraine Charity is honoured to contribute to this vital cause, recognising the importance of bolstering the country’s ability to save lives in the face of unprecedented challenges. Through collaborative efforts with LUkraine and partners, we aim to make a meaningful impact in restoring and enhancing Ukraine’s emergency services for the benefit of its citizens.

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