Hospitallers is a civilian paramedic force founded in 2014 by medical volunteer Yana Zinkevych. Since then and until now, Hospitallers have been operating in Ukrainian war zones “for the sake of every life”, as per their motto.

Right on the battlefield, Hospitallers are the first to help the wounded: provide medical aid and evacuate to the hospital. They also give post-hospital support and rehabilitation to people affected by military actions and their families. As of today, medical crews have already completed more than 3000 evacuations.

Hospitallers were one of the main fundraisers as well as the biggest recipient of donations from Ukraine Charity since full-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine started. Ukraine Charity purchased various medical supplies and equipment (including first aid kits, first aid bandages, tourniquets etc.) totaling £483k as well as 14 ambulances and 24 evacuation vehicles totaling £294k.

Hospitallers is a non-state organisation, meaning their collaboration with volunteers and donations is the only support they receive.

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IG: hospitallers.ukraine_paramedic

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