Ukraine Charity and LUkraine ASBL Join Forces to Enhance Emergency Evacuation Capabilities

Donetsk region

Project result

collected for an evacuation bus


In a collaborative effort aimed at prioritising the safety and well-being of those affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Ukraine Charity and LUkraine ASBL, our esteemed partners in Luxembourg, have jointly supported the acquisition of crucial evacuation vehicles from Venari Group.

The first significant initiative involves purchasing an evacuation bus, including necessary modifications and refitting, at a total cost of EUR 54k. This specialised bus is earmarked for evacuating individuals from the front-line areas of Ukraine to safer locations, ensuring a swift and secure transition for those in peril. Additionally, the bus is equipped to provide vital first aid, further enhancing its capacity to address immediate medical needs in emergencies.

Furthermore, Ukraine Charity, in conjunction with LUkraine ASBL, has facilitated the acquisition of an armoured evacuation vehicle for the Donetsk Region Emergency Service. This purpose-built vehicle, obtained from Venari Group at a total cost of £38k, is designed to navigate challenging conditions and provide essential protection during evacuations in the Donetsk Region. The armoured evacuation vehicle is crucial in ensuring the safety of both rescue personnel and the individuals being evacuated.

By investing in state-of-the-art evacuation capabilities, the collaboration aims to significantly impact the safety and well-being of those affected by the conflict, providing a lifeline to individuals on the front lines of the ongoing humanitarian challenge in urgent need of assistance.

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