Medical Equipment

Ukraine Charity has funded more than a dozen projects to purchase new medical equipment and other medical necessities totalling more £100,000 for facilities across Ukraine. While our projects tend to be small, in the £5-10K range, they nevertheless play an important role in addressing the current funding gap and other systemic issues in the Ukrainian healthcare system.

We particularly focus on the needs of children, and our work has in the past sought to improve health care in such areas as fetal monitoring, infant jaundice, childhood leukemia, neurological and cardiovascular conditions, and visual impairment.

​Many of our project initiatives were suggested by our fundraisers, while in other cases, we have worked with Ukrainian charities, local hospitals, and children’s clinics who reached out to us.​


The first convoy of emergency vehicles sets off to the East of Ukraine. Comprising a medical bus, ambulances, a mobile dental cabinet, and a pickup car.

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