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Ukraine Charity Supports ‘Through the War’ in Kharkiv: Building a Better Future

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In March 2022, the public organization ‘Through the War’ took a remarkable initiative in Kharkiv, Ukraine. They established a residential building to provide shelter and care for elderly individuals who lost their homes due to Russia’s armed aggression. Today, over 50 elderly guests find solace within these walls. Ukraine Charity proudly supported this project, enabling volunteers to enhance the living conditions and sanitary facilities of the shelter.

Here are the remarkable improvements made possible through our collaboration:

  1. Renovating 3 rooms for 12 guests and a shared bathroom: The refurbishment involved a complete overhaul of electrical wiring, installation of new fixtures and plumbing, replacement of flooring and doors, refinishing of walls and ceilings, and a fresh coat of paint.
  2. Constructing a covered terrace on the first floor: This innovative addition serves as a sturdy balcony for the rooms on the second floor. Around 22 bedridden guests, who were previously unable to venture outside, now have the opportunity to enjoy fresh air daily. The staff assists them in accessing the balcony using trolleys or by moving their beds.
  3. Equipping the shelter with 12 autonomous charging stations: In the wake of the severe winter and the destruction of Ukraine’s energy system by Russian missiles, it became crucial to ensure a reliable power source. The shelter now has 12 autonomous charging stations that cater to the needs of residents, staff, and other citizens in Kharkiv.

We are immensely proud to have contributed a total donation of £13,182 towards these impactful improvements.

At Ukraine Charity, we remain dedicated to supporting meaningful projects that make a difference in the lives of those affected by war. Together with ‘Through the War,’ we are building a better future for the elderly in Kharkiv.

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