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Ukraine Charity Supports ‘We Are Close’ Crisis Center: Saving Lives and Providing Hope

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“Ukraine Charity Supports ‘We are Close’ Crisis Center: Transforming Lives in Vinnytsia

Since January 2021, the crisis center for mothers with children and pregnant women in Vinnytsia has been a beacon of hope for families facing various difficulties. Initially designed to accommodate up to 10 families temporarily, the center swiftly adapted its mission when the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine unfolded. It opened its doors to women with children fleeing from occupied territories or those whose homes were destroyed due to military actions within Ukraine. Currently, approximately 25 individuals find refuge and support within the crisis center.

Recognizing the critical needs of the center, its dedicated volunteers reached out to Ukraine Charity for financial assistance. The plea was to aid in procuring essential food supplies and covering medical expenses for the center’s residents.

Julia Dyakun, the center’s founder, shares her gratitude and the impact of Ukraine Charity’s support:

“In October 2022, we received a generous donation of £1,000 from Ukraine Charity. These funds were allocated toward providing vital medical care to the crisis center’s residents. Over the course of six months, we were able to conduct examinations and tests for over 30 individuals, totaling 68 consultations and analyses. This support has been immensely powerful, as our residents have endured domestic violence, challenging life circumstances, or the traumatic aftermath of war. Their health has been greatly affected by stress and poor living conditions. Thanks to Ukraine Charity’s support, we were able to extend our help.

The most significant outcome is that these examinations and tests led to life-changing diagnoses. We detected thyroid cancer in one woman, a precancerous state of the cervix in another, intestinal polyps in a patient, multiple gynecological pathologies in five women, a serious and life-threatening heart defect in a young boy, a thyroid gland neoplasm, and critically low hemoglobin levels in another mother. All these cases were detected in time, and today, these women and children are on their way to recovery or have already regained their health.

Ukraine Charity, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your tireless work and unwavering support of our residents. Many women have been healed and even saved due to your invaluable assistance!”

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